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GPS tracking platform meets Mobile Resource Management

Build your all-in-one solution to tackle any business challenges


GPS asset tracking

Give customers peace of mind with utmost security of cargo, vehicles and equipment. Provide telemetry data real time, control remotely.

Fleet management

Help fleets take most of their vehicles: zero human error with MDVR and ADAS, smart maintenance and not a drop to steal with fuel sensors.

Field service

Tear down the wall between office and field employees. Provide urgent task dispatch, full-featured communication and all-digital reporting.



Choose from a variety of add-ons to reinforce your service

Start growing and optimizing business today

Reap the benefits of productive and compliant
fleet. Cut maintenance and fuel costs.
Make your vehicles safer, greener and more reliable.
Provide smart and intuitive fleet management.
Win and impress your customers
with the most user-friendly telematics platform.