Single platform to cover every need

RealtimeGPS  works perfectly regardless of the fleet size and vertical market. Benefit from off-the-shelf solutions and custom tools. Design value-added services with comprehensive and powerful API and SDK

Transportation and Logistics

Increase fleet efficiency with rich telemetry.
Cut operating expenses with state-of-the-art
business intelligence.

Oil and Gas

Protect fleet and valuable assets from frauds, downtimes and accidents. Monitor fuel level in real time along the route.

Construction and
Heavy Equipment

Cut corporate expenses with optimized fleet use.
Raise drivers’ accountability to eliminate idling and guarantee preventive maintenance.

Passenger Transport

Make passenger-carrying vehicles (PCV)
more productive, cost-effective and safe.
Comply with environmental regulations.


Food and beverage

Enable fastest, temperature-controlled deliveries. Provide automatic trips logging to calculate payroll, return tax and prevent unauthorized use of fleet.


Enable insurance companies to benefit from low-accident driving. Adopt advanced driver assistance system to eliminate human error and, hence, collisions and expensive repairs

Retail and delivery

Keep fleet owners updated on vehicles health to have them serviced before it leads to a breakdown. Fine-tune drivers behavior to avoid accidents and goods damage.

Services industry

Guarantee vehicle utilization and work progress monitoring with real-time metrics and reports. Detect frauds, prevent fuel drains, equipment misuse and moonlighting

Start growing and optimizing business today

Reap the benefits of productive and compliant
fleet. Cut maintenanceand fuel costs.
Make your vehicles safer, greener and more reliable.
Provide smart and intuitive fleet management.
Win and impress your customers
with the most user-friendly telematics platform.