Two apps. Great possibilities.

X-GPS Monitor app for supervisors and X-GPS Tracker app
for employees provide a holistic approach to the on-the-go
field service management. Upload free from the App Store
or Google play.

X-GPS Tracker

Turn smartphones into a personal planner, PND, GPS tracker and a complete job planner. Share your location, view tasks and exchange data with the office.

  • Easily browse through everyday jobs
  • Share progress with the office
  • Show your working status
  • Enjoy paperless approach
  • Chat with team members
  • Enable a panic button for emergencies

X-GPS Monitor

Stay aware of what’s happening wherever you go. Locate vehicles and employees in real-time, check trip history and manage field service workflow.

  • Track current locations of any assets
  • Communicate with field teams online
  • Browse OBD data real-time
  • Get instant notifications about events
  • Assess field performance in seconds
  • Block engine remotely in case of theft

Device agnostic

Provide a complete suite of tools for smart mobile resource management on any smartphone or tablet.

Utilize innovative algorithms to prevent battery draining with optimized usage in accordance with the business needs.

Brand awareness

White label mobile apps to reflect and demonstrate your corporate identity. Use your custom logo and set a color scheme to personalise user experience. Highlight your business with great design.

Start growing and optimizing business today

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fleet. Cut maintenanceand fuel costs.
Make your vehicles safer, greener and more reliable.
Provide smart and intuitive fleet management.
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